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Do Less House Cleaning – Make Time For Memories

Do Less House Cleaning – Make Time for Memories

Create Memories, Not House Cleaning Lists

Memories are a wonderful thing. We make them almost every single day, but peak experiences, whether good or bad, create the strongest memories, as do repeated experiences. Ideally, most of us hope our memories are constructed from joyful and engaging experiences with people we love, admire and respect. We would rather not have our minds crowded with memories of bad or humdrum times. It’s quality memories we are seeking.

Leaving the Legacy of Memory

When you have children or grandchildren, you hope to be able to share your memories with them, to leave them the legacy of what you have experienced in your life. More importantly, you want to help them create their own memories by taking part in activities with them. Making quality memories with the children in your life takes time and space. If you’re attempting to pass along a skill, such as quilting, cooking, or fishing, you need enough spare time to devote your full attention to the task and to encouraging the child in their efforts. You also need plenty of space for storing the necessary equipment and supplies.

What Makes a Cherished Memory?

Perhaps you’re assisting your son with Eagle Scout projects or want to take your toddler to the park. Maybe you simply want to play catch with your grandchild in the back yard. All these sorts of activities are fabulous for making cherished memories. Notice that cleaning the house is not among them. Rare is the child who grows up to say, “I had loads of fun washing the dishes when I was a kid!” or “Remember how often we vacuumed the green shag carpeting in the family room? What a blast!”

How often do mundane house cleaning chores get in the way of more memorable activities?Household chores are cumulative and endless. If you don’t keep up with them, they multiply, their drudgery stealing even more time away from making memories with your children and grandchildren. Pretty soon, the table you need for showing your son how to sew a sock puppet is buried, the gear for taking your kids on a lake shore outing is missing, and the laundry is piled so high that you don’t have the mental energy to make memories, let alone the time to do so.

Your Choice: House Cleaning or Making Quality Memories?

You and your loved ones are only given a set amount of time in life. Would you rather make quality memories or stay home cleaning the house? The cleaning services offered by Tidy Touch make answering this question a breeze. We will take care of the housekeeping chores, freeing up valuable time so that you can spend it with your children on more interesting experiences. Our professional cleaning services will assuage any guilt you might have felt if you’d had to pick the alternative of shirking your household duties altogether. Tidy Touch is here to help, so go ahead and make those memories!

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