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house cleaning elko new market

House Cleaning for Elko New Market

Don’t waste another second cleaning your home – get out and enjoy yourself!

Start Looking at Your Home Differently

Just about everyone knows what it’s like to have a messy home. Some of us handle it better than others, but a permanently¬†sloppy state of organization starts to wear on just about everyone. You don’t want to have friends over, you don’t want to cook, and you don’t even want to bother trying to get things back to normal – it just seems too far gone.

That’s why we’re here. Our company was started by three sisters who know a lot about the importance of a clean and tidy home (mostly because they’ve seen the other side of things too!)

If you live in Elko New Market, you’re within our area of service, and we’d love to have a chance to show you what a difference the Tidy Touch team can make.

Tidy Touch House Cleaning Service in ELKO NEW MARKET MN

South and West-Metro House Cleaning

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Richfield, Minnesota

Burnsville, Minnesota

Farmington, Minnesota

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Edina, Minnesota

Bloomington, Minnesota

Eagan, Minnesota

Lakeville, Minnesota


Rosemount, Minnesota

Prior Lake, Minnesota

Why Hire Tidy Touch?

  • You’ll Have More Time for Things that Matter
  • The Surfaces in Your Home Will Be Cared for With the Right Solutions
  • Having Friends Over Will Be Easier than Ever
  • Relaxing Will Be More Enjoyable
  • Allergens and Bacteria Will Hit an All-Time Low
  • Your Home Won’t Feel Like a Second Workplace Filled with Chores
  • Family-Time Will Be Easier to Fit In

Locally Owned and Operated by a Team of Sisters

The Tidy Touch team calls the Twin Cities south metro home. The three sisters in charge of the operation – Kristina, Brittany, and Stephanie, have a passion for serving their community and helping it to thrive. As a company, we’re proud to dedicate a portion of our time to charitable causes and our mission that goes beyond simply making a profit.

We Know What It’s Like to Be Busy: Take a Breath and Lighten Your Load

In Elko New Market, lots of families are dual-income. In situations like these, it can be extremely difficult to find the time to make house cleaning a priority.

Even in situations where one spouse is home, other responsibilities (kids, anyone?) can make it difficult to stay on top of the terrible task.

That’s part of the reason we started Tidy Touch – to give families in the Twin Cities south metro a chance to focus on being a family – not vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing.

Put the Focus Back on Family – Not House Cleaning

What Are You Looking for in a House Cleaner?

Here at Tidy Touch Twin Cities, our goal is to be nothing short of Elko New Market’s best house cleaning solution.

We Aim to Be:

  • A Team¬†with Integrity
  • Executing Well
  • Attentive to the Details that Matter
  • Friendly and Prompt
  • Open About Everything: From Pricing to Mistakes to Scheduling
  • Maintaining a High Standard
  • Educated on the Latest in Cleaning

Getting on a Regular Schedule

We love working with clients on a repeat basis.


For starters, we get to offer a significant discount for each cleaning. But besides that, we also love to have the opportunity to build cleaning momentum. Once we’re coming back on a regular schedule, we’ll be able to get on top of your cleaning for good so that your house never again returns to its previous state. It will always feel fresh and new!

One-Time House Cleaning Services

Sometimes you just want someone to come through and help you get on top of your house once so that you can keep up cleaning momentum yourself. In other cases, it makes sense to book one-time cleaning before hosting guests or a party.

In any circumstance, we’re happy to help you! We’ll speak with you before arriving to identify your priorities so that we can make your house look and feel great.

House Cleaning Can Be Great Before or After:

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Wedding Showers
  • High School & College Graduation Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Valentines Day
  • An Average Day of Your Choosing!

Moving Into or Out of Elko New Market?

One of our best and most important services is move in/move out cleaning. No one wants to show up at their new home just to clean all day, and no one wants to spend hours scrubbing out the shower at their old home before leaving either.

If you’re one of the many people who doesn’t want to clean on moving day, give us a call! We’re happy to help out on one or both ends.

Spring or Fall House Cleaning

Seasonal cleaning is a big deal! This year, take it a step beyond de-cluttering and give us the chance to deep clean and get your home looking like never before.

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