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Appreciate Your Home’s Beauty Again

Focused On Reliable, Effective House Cleaning

There’s a lot to see and do in and around Bloomington. Instead of cleaning the house, why not get out and enjoy it? Our goal is to free up your time so that you can spend more time on hobbies, fun, or anything else that’s important to you.

When you get home from work on an evening or weekend, would you rather clean the house or head to the Mall of America? Would you prefer to scrub toilets or visit Hyland Lake Park?

Whatever it is you’d rather be doing, we have the house taken care of so that you can feel free to go out and do it!

South Suburban Owned 

Maid Services Bloomington, Minnesota

Cleaning the house may be frustrating, but having a clean house can be one of the biggest stress relievers. We’re here so that you can enjoy the benefits of house cleaning without actually doing it yourself. At Tidy Touch, we’re actually passionate about cleaning, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to take it off your plate. After you’ve called the Tidy Touch team to take on the “maid” role for you, feel free to head to Mugshots for coffee or the Twin City Grill for dinner. When you come back, the house will be perfectly clean – just like it used to be after a whole night’s worth of cleaning.

house cleaning bloomington mn

Bloomington House Cleaning Service

CLEANING DAY? Why not relax instead? Call Tidy Touch Twin Cities.

Tidy Touch – A Cleaning Service in BLOOMINGTON MN

House Cleaning in the South and West Metro  Serving Bloomington, Richfield, and Beyond

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

Richfield, Minnesota

Eagan, Minnesota

Farmington, Minnesota

Rosemount, Minnesota

Edina, Mn

Bloomington, Minnesota

Burnsville, Minnesota

Lakeville, Minnesota

Savage, Minnesota

Prior Lake, Minnesota

Inver Grove Heights, Mn

The Reasons to Consider a Cleaning Service like Us:

  • The Ability to Host Again
  • Guiltless Free Time
  • The Chance to Enjoy Your Evenings
  • Allergen-Free Living Spaces
  • The Opportunity to Relax
  • Sanitary Surfaces
  • The Ability to Reduce Your Stress

Based Out of Farmington – Cleaning to Serve the Twin Cities

We understand that house cleaning can be difficult. Most of us have the abilities necessary to clean up our homes, but what’s much more difficult is finding the time to do so. Cleaning takes up so much time that it leaves little for anything else. Hobbies have to fall by the wayside and our families have to wait. We started Tidy Touch to provide a better option – stress and hassle free cleaning done by professionals whether you’re home or away.

Two Incomes, Zero House Cleaners

Trying to find time to clean can be difficult for anyone, but the task becomes especially challenging for spouses that work together to earn a dual income. If you both work, it seems unfair to assign someone with an additional role like “maid”. If you and your spouse both work, you might find that it’s easier to call a professional cleaning service to handle the responsibility.

Instead of doing the cleanup, why not head to Scoops with your family? We’re willing to bet that you won’t be the only one who prefers it to cleaning up the house.

Keep Your Free-Time Free

house cleaning service bloomington mn

House Cleaning Service in Bloomington

There are plenty of logical reasons to consider a house cleaning service. You may be looking for more free time, or perhaps you’re just interested in taking an annoying task off of your to-do list. No matter what the reason, we’d be happy to partner with you to set your day up for greatness.

What Matters Most To You?

Every house is different, and every homeowner is just as different. To some, certain tasks matter more than most, and to others, every kind of task is equally important. Maybe there’s a powder room you don’t care to have cleaned, or maybe you want to ensure that the bed is made every time we visit. Whatever your priorities are, we’re happy to work with you to ensure that we hit the mark every time we come to your home.

Any House Cleaning Service Should:

  • Have Insurance
  • Be Quick
  • Stay Consistent
  • Value Your Business
  • Be Careful With Your Property
  • Be Professionally Trained

Regular House Cleaning Service

In Bloomington, we serve many of our clients on a recurring basis. This way, we’re able to help in keeping the house in top notch condition at all times. By booking us on a regular basis, we’ll be able to help ensure that you’re always ready to host guests or kick back.

One-Time Visits for Cleaning Service

On some occasions, it’s necessary to get the house ready for a family gathering, party, or other event. In these cases, we’re available to be booked as a one-time service that will provide you with a deep cleaning that allows you to focus on more important details. Even if there isn’t a major event on the horizon, you can feel free to call us anytime to get the house cleaned out from top to bottom.

The Best Reasons to Book a One-Time Cleaning

  • An Upcoming Dinner Party
  • A Baby Shower or Bridal Shower
  • A Family Dinner
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bloomington Move In – Move Out Cleaning Service

Moving is a big deal. It takes hard work on both ends, and it’s not always as easy as locking up one place and opening the door to the other. In fact, moving can be a process that takes days or even weeks of preparation and planning. Besides the boxes, there’s also cleaning to consider. Instead of taking on this task in addition to the others, feel free to book us for our move in/move out cleaning service. We’d love the opportunity to take this task off of your to-do list!

A Cleaning Service for Rental Real Estate Owners

If your goal is to attract high-quality renters, it’s necessary to have a high-quality space. An effective, quality deep cleaning will set your property apart from the rest so that renters are attracted to it. Even properties that are in decent shape can benefit from deep cleanings before the real estate photographer or prospective buyers swing by. If you’re a rental real estate owner, then we’d love to form a relationship with you. Feel free to give us a call.

Same Day Service

If you learned last minute about family that’s coming into town or friends that are swinging by, then call us today to ask about a same day service. In some cases, we’re available to clean your house on the same day that you book. Of course, this is pending our daily availability – so be sure to call and check on our day’s schedule and whether it would fit with your needs.

Spring, Fall, Summer, or Winter

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but some people practice the same principle at the end of any season. Seasonal cleaning is popular for the great feeling you get when you finish. However, it’s infamous for the long, difficult process that leads up to that moment of relief. If you’re looking to give your home a deep cleaning for the season, then give us a call! We’ll help you get there faster – without the extra hassle!

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