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House Cleaning Service Prior Lake Mn 55372

Burnsville House Cleaning and Maid Service

Delegate your house cleaning to us, and invest in what matters most in life

The days are long, but the years are fast

Why Should Burnsville Families Invest in House Cleaning?

Because it can…

  • Help if you’re physically unable to clean your house
  • Recharge your batteries between work-weeks and work-days
  • Reduce stress between spouses
  • Improve your mood while trying to be a good parent
  • Compel you to show more hospitality
  • Ditch the “shame” you feel because your house isn’t up to “par”

Delegating Cleaning Allows for Prioritization!

Ever find that you’re spending too much time driving down 35W, sitting on County Road 42, or just catching up on everything in the evenings? It’s easy to get stressed out as a full-time parent, employee, spouse, and community member. We’ve found that our lives are becoming increasingly difficult to recharge, allow for margin, and create mental clarity.  House cleaning service isn’t just an investment into the enjoyment of your house in Burnsville, but it’s an investment into the quality of life you experience. You might be used to driving past the Ames Center or the Burnsville Mall all the time, but a house cleaner could give you the time to go enjoy them.

It’s About That “Cleaning Momentum”

Nearly every one of our cleaning clients has us do periodical cleaning, whether it’s bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Most Twin Cities families prefer that we come out on a consistent rhythm.

Why do they like a consistent cleaning rhythm? Because it allows them to keep the momentum going.

We’ve found that cleaning is really about momentum because if the heavy lifting is done for you, it’s all the easier to pick up around the house. It’s easier to keep an already clean house looking great when you’re coming home to a vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed, and polished house. Doing the dishes, laundry, and other household chores seems that much easier when the heavy lifting is already taken care of.

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning Service in Burnsville Minnesota 55337 Dakota County

Helping Burnsville & South Metro Families Invest in What Matters Most

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

Richfield, Mn

Inver Grove Heights, Mn

Burnsville, Mn

Farmington, Mn

Savage, Mn

Edina, Mn

Bloomington, Mn

Eagan, Mn

Lakeville, Mn

Rosemount, Mn

Prior Lake, Mn

Elko New Market, Mn

Carefully Trained, Cleaning Perfectionists

Cleaning your house is really about helping maximize your living space and enjoyment levels. The surfaces in your house wear down, the carpet shreds apart, the flooring finishes will erode, your shower grout will eventually fade – and cleaning is the primary thing that maximizes longevity.

We’re not your typical Burnsville cleaning lady or maid service, we’ve invested into the industry-leading certifications through the ISSA. House cleaning is an industry where just about anyone that wants to work hard can make a living or build a business – but integrity, quality, safety, and consistency, are often difficult to find.

Integrity, Quality, Safety, and Consistency are What Separate Professionals from Amateurs

We say that with all humility because we know that many companies simply don’t take the time, energy, and money to invest into formal training. The result is that staff members might not have a high standard of integrity, their character could be an issue, and even the techniques used could be unsafe for your home or for your family.

Burnsville House Cleaning Benefits:
  • Go for a walk, rather than scrub your toilets, showers, and tile
  • Enjoy marriage just a little bit more as you enjoy the margin time and peaceful feeling
  • Enjoy a longer “fuse,” because your to-do list has been significantly shortened
  • Show hospitality to your friends, neighbors, and family – no more hiding in a messy house
  • Ditch the shame of a messy house
  • Be more content with your home, and enjoy it just a little more than usual
  • Relax on your commute home from work, knowing that the house was cleaned while you were away
  • Enjoy more sanitary conditions and reduce the spread of illness
  • Reduce your stuffy noses and allergy symptoms
  • Get rid of that disgusting pet hair that builds up all over

South Metro Twin Cities Owned and Operated

We were started by Krissy Oates and her sisters, who live down in Farmington Minnesota. Krissy is passionate about bringing her team’s OCD level of cleanliness to work for the community she lives and works in. She’s been raising her family in the south metro for a long time and is committed to not only building her business here, but trying to be the best house cleaning company from a client and employee perspective, in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Burnsville – It will be SO worth it!

Why are we different?

We’re hassle-free, always worth it, and demand consistent results from our team.

We’re the type of people you want cleaning your house – and we say that with all humility and sincerity.

We’re obsessed with cleanliness, professionalism, integrity, and delivering above expectations for our clients on the first, fifth, and five hundredth clean.

We have a productive paranoia concerning our business, which means we’re always nervous that our clients aren’t completely satisfied. It’s our obsession with quality, detail, and cleanliness that drives our team a little nuts, but that’s what our clients love about us.

Prioritization for Each Client

We cover a great deal in every clean, but we know that every client has their own unique, and particular, top-priority.  We work rigorously to ensure that we’ve aligned each of our client’s best interests, with the team’s goals, and passions. We’ve built out a system in order that you might provide feedback, and we’re craving to learn how we can improve for each client.

burnsville house cleaning company

Burnsville Residential House Cleaning

We’ve focused our business on residential homes in the south metro.

We feel called to help homeowners and families focus on the things that matter most in life, because we know how much relief, pride, and helpfulness our clients experience after a cleaning. Maybe we’re a little over-excited about the impact we might have on people’s lives, but we believe to our bones that people are so busy with their careers, activities, and the distractions of our digital age, that we’re at risk of drifting apart. The clean house and clean schedule we provide allow people to recalibrate, refuel, and invest a little more time and energy into relationships.

Our Purpose is to help create margin in people’s lives, encourage hospitality, and help them feel great about their home. That’s the driving factor behind everything we do – from our ownership to our individual cleaning technicians.

What do we value?

  • Trustworthiness and high moral character
  • Background checked and insured
  • Deliver consistently above expectations
  • Intense attention to detail
  • Prompt
  • Always kind, friendly, and courteous
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Knowledgeable about protecting surfaces in homes
  • A world-class employer that treats it’s people well

Recurring House Cleaning Burnsville Mn

This is all about investing into what matters most and prioritizing your life.

  • Kids are grown in the blink of an eye
  • Your friendships should be fostered
  • Generosity and hospitality improve relationships
  • Marriages and parenting can benefit when you’ve built margin into your life
  • You’ll be better at your job when you can more easily refuel between work days
  • You’ll have more time to simply relax – Why not head to The Buzz or Jojo’s Rise and Wine?

Occasional House Cleaning Services

Events can get stressful, whether it’s an upcoming graduation, wedding shower, the birth of a baby, or an anniversary, cleaning before and after the event can vastly improve the enjoyment levels.

Before the event, you can feel great about your home and afterwards, you can ditch the distressed feelings associated with re-cleaning everything.

House Cleaning is a Great Gift for Adults

  • Mothers day gifts
  • Father’s day gifts (happy wife, happy life)
  • Christmas presents
  • Birthday presents
  • Gifts to your coaches, teachers, pastors, priests, bosses and group leaders

Let’s face it, getting your house cleaned to an extremely high standard is awesome. You’re not just giving them a clean house, you’re helping them have margin in their life, cleaning momentum in the future, and the ability to gain a little foothold of sanity.

Burnsville Maid Service For…

  • Bachelor Party Gifts
  • Wedding Shower Gifts
  • Bachelorette Party Gifts
  • College Graduation Gifts
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Valentine Gifts
  • Any occasion you’d like a care-free and happy spouse.

Moving Cleaners

While you might be excited to move into a new house in Burnsville Minnesota, we’re certain that you’re not excited about all the stress, hard work, and uncertainty that’s associated with moving.

If you’re moving into Burnsville, congratulations! It’s a marvelous place to live, and you’ll be happy being in the Minnesota River Valley, but we think you might really enjoy a professional cleaning.

A cleaning before you move in can help remove all the “residue” that the previous owner might have left. Think about it! Hair, skin cells, smells, and all sorts of other-people-residue are all over your new house! We LOVE coming into a new house before it’s occupied, and sanitizing the whole thing, giving it a meticulous vacuum and dust, and getting those corners spotless.

Getting a second cleaning after you’ve unpacked your stuff can help with all the dirt and dust that gets dragged in during the move.

Landlords of Burnsville – We’ll Help Your Property Look Awesome!

We know that tenants leave a mess when they leave – which makes life difficult when you’re moving in a new renter, or if you’re now trying to attract a new one.

A super-clean and tidy house will communicate a great deal to your tenants – and there’s no reason why you should spend your time cleaning.

Exceeding your expectations:

We know that professional real estate investors need to work with vendors that execute at a high level – which is what we do. If you’re trying to keep your portfolio of real estate looking great, then we’d love to team up and help you out.

Same Day House Cleaning 

If you’ve suddenly found out that your grandparents are coming over, or if your niece is flying up from Chicago and wants to crash in your extra bedroom – we’ll be able to get your house cleaned up in a hurry.

Our easy booking system, along with our entrepreneurial attitude, means that we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you’ve got a clean house for whatever the immediate occasion might be.

Spring Cleaning Service

  • Summer is so short, you’ve got to enjoy it.
  • Such a high percentage of our lives is spent indoors in Minnesota, you’ll want to have a clean house

See what we did there? Made a case for house cleaning to maximize the short summers and the long winters.

When we shift between seasons, it’s refreshing to start out with a clean slate. Spring cleaning, fall cleaning, winter-revitalization, and summer fresheners are what we’re all about.

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