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Enjoy a Spotless 

House and a Stress-Free Day

A+ Cleaning Every Time

House cleaners have a reputation for going half way. Here at Tidy Touch, we’re not interested in anything less than A+ work. We’ll strive to provide you with a cleaning that exceeds your standards every single time we visit. After all, hardly anyone enjoys cleaning the house, but if you’re going to take it off your to-do list, you have to trust that it will be done right. That’s why we’re here.

If you’re an Edina resident, you’d be better off shopping at the Galleria or Southdale Center while we clean up. While you’re at it, why not stroll through Centennial Lakes Park or go bowling at Pinstripes? After all, there’s no reason to worry about getting carried away. Once you call Tidy Touch TC, house cleaning is no longer your problem.

We’re Farmington Local

Providing a Maid Service in Edina

Large, nationally based house cleaning services know that they have a reputation for sub-par cleaning services, but with millions of potential clients around the nation – they’re just not that concerned about it! After all, there’s always a new client around the corner. Here at Tidy Touch TC, we only operate at a local scale. We’re based out of Farmington and service the south and west Twin Cities suburbs. Our clients are important to us, and our goal is to serve each in such a way that their high standards are exceeded every time we visit.

house cleaning service edina mn

Edina Mn House Cleaning Services

CLEANUP TIME? Leave it to the professionals and catch a movie instead.

Tidy Touch House Cleaning Service in EDINA MN – Hennepin County


Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Richfield Minnesota 55423

Burnsville Minnesota 55306, 55337

Farmington, Minnesota 55024

Savage, Minnesota

Edina, Minnesota 55343, 55410, 55416, 55434, 55435, 55436, 55439

Bloomington, Minnesota 55122, 55420, 55431, 55437, 55439, 55337, 55425, 55438

Eagan, Minnesota 55121, 55122, 55123, 55425

Lakeville Minnesota 55044

Rosemount, Minnesota 55068

Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372 55379

We’ll Take On the:

  • Toilet Scrubbing
  • Large Appliance Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Cobweb Removal
  • And More – All While You Relax!

Owned by Kristina Oates – A Resident of the South Suburbs

We consider it a privilege to work in the same community that we’re able to call home. To us, our clients are like neighbors. We would never want to fall short when helping out on a neighbor’s project, and we would never want to disappoint you when cleaning your house. Instead of breezing through appointments at lightning speed, we work to ensure that our cleaning reaches our high standards. If you’re disappointed, we’ll turn around and come back to make wrongs right.

Dual-Income Living?

When both spouses work, who should get stuck with the additional title of “house cleaner”? It’s a trick question, of course. For dual-income families, it’s tough for either spouse to find the time to clean the house – especially if kids are involved. Rather than battling through each night to find the answer to this question, why not call Tidy Touch? We’ll take on the “House Cleaner” title, and leave you with the free time you need and deserve.

Make House Cleaning Something that Just…Happens

house cleaning service edina mn

Edina’s Premier Maid Service

Owning a home and keeping it up requires a lot of work. As a homeowner, you’re kind of stuck with having a dozen jobs. The biggest responsibility for homeowners, however, is house cleaning. Take just one week off and it will look like a tornado came through.

Instead of being a slave to this responsibility, why not call us? We’ll work hard to ensure that your house looks beautiful, and you won’t have to pick between a clean house and a free evening!

What’s Important to You?

Everyone’s home looks a little different, and everyone’s idea of a clean house is just as distinct. When we begin working with you to clean your home, we don’t want to assume that your definition of a clean house fits into our cookie cutter. We want to hear from you! What’s most important to you? Is there anything that doesn’t matter? Let’s work together to ensure your house hits your perfect standard.

A House Cleaner Should:

  • Have Insurance
  • Be Courteous
  • Care About You and Your Best Interests
  • Be Careful With Your Property and Possessions
  • Remain Both Efficient and Effective
  • Protect Your Privacy

Repeat Cleanings

By signing up for our recurring cleaning service, you’ll find that house cleaning really does become hassle-free. You may never have to worry about it again! We make it our goal to keep up with our high standards. We don’t believe in slacking off over time or providing a deteriorating cleaning quality. Our reccuring service is for people who want a house that gets clean and stays clean.

One-Time Cleanings

Sometimes getting the house just needs a deep cleaning. If this is the case, we’re happy to swing by and get the place back to looking great. You may be hosting a holiday gathering, baby shower, or birthday party, or you could just be in need of a professional’s touch. In any case, give us a call! We’d be happy to serve you.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Moving. Just the thought of it can be stress-inducing. For the most part, we think of the boxes, the heavy lifting, and navigating tight stairwells. However, on the day of, many have the troublesome experience of remembering the cleaning that gets involved. In some cases, it can be necessary to clean both the place you’re leaving and the place you’re arriving at. Instead of adding all of this stress into the experience, book our move in or move out cleaning service! We’d be happy to help you out on the big day.

Rental Properties

Getting great renters is never easy, but doing it with a place that looks like a pig sty is even more difficult. Instead of making renters “use their imagination” regarding a space’s potential, try getting your rental property professionally cleaned! In many cases, both renters and buyers alike are fairly unimaginative and uncreative. They have a hard time imagining a space’s potential, and they’d rather see it firsthand! With a thorough, professional cleaning, your property may even rent out for more than it ever did before.

Same Day Cleaning

We’ve all had one of those dreaded phone calls informing us that company’s on the way. Taking one look around a messy house can be extremely discouraging in these kinds of situations. Thankfully, we’re often able to make same day accommodations! If you become aware of a last minute need to get the house cleaned, let us know as soon as possible so that we can see if our schedule allows for a same day service at your home!

Seasonal Cleaning

Depending on your personality, spring cleaning can be either exciting or terrifying. We practice it for a reason, of course, and it’s definitely worth the reward that all of the hard work brings. However, no one ever said that you had to take on the burden alone! We’re available to aid you in your quest towards a seasonal cleanup. Just give us a call!

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