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Feel Great
About Your Home

Dedicated to Cleanliness & Integrity.

We’re entrepreneurs based out of Farmington Minnesota, dedicated to help our neighbors focus on the things in their life that matter most.

Going into a weekend or evening, knowing that you’re home looks great, allows you to have a strange peace and lightheartedness.  Call us crazy, but we know that the feeling of a clean house does something great for our personhood – and we love using our passion about cleaning to help families in the Farmington, Hampton, Dakota County Fair, and Rosemount areas.

South-Metro Owned & Operated

There is a particular peace-of-mind that you can achieve when your house is clean and tidy, which is why we’ve decided to take our passion about cleanliness and hard work to serve Farmington.  Whether it’s time to enjoy Farmington Dew Days, the Dakota County Fair, or just heading to the White Tail Woods Regional Park, we want to help you enjoy Minnesota as much as possible.  We want to help build margin in your life so you can invest in the things that really matter.

Lakeville Maid Service House Cleaning service Lakeville Mn 55044

House Cleaning Farmington Mn

LIFE GOES FAST: Invest in the Peace and Enjoyment of a Tidy House.

Tidy Touch House Cleaning Service in FARMINGTON MN 55024 Dakota County

South-Metro and West-Metro House Cleaning

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Richfield Minnesota 55423

Burnsville Minnesota 55306, 55337

Farmington, Minnesota 55024

Savage, Minnesota

Edina, Minnesota 55343, 55410, 55416, 55434, 55435, 55436, 55439

Bloomington, Minnesota 55122, 55420, 55431, 55437, 55439, 55337, 55425, 55438

Eagan, Minnesota 55121, 55122, 55123, 55425

Lakeville Minnesota 55044

Rosemount, Minnesota 55068

Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372 55379

The Benefits of a House Cleaning Service:

  • Spouses will be less crabby
  • A new portion of patience with your children
  • Have dinner parties and get-togethers more often
  • No longer have a sense of guilt about the condition of your house
  • Get a greater enjoyment and satisfaction out of your house
  • You’ll return from work feeling a little more uplifted
  • You can invest more time with your family, because you’ll have more margin
  • Your house will be more sanitary

Farmington Owned and Operated by Kristina Oates

We care deeply about helping our communities improve.  We love the feeling that we get when our home is tidy and clean, which is why we work so hard to bring that feeling to other families.

Dual Income Spouses Benefit from Outsourcing Their Cleaning

When you’re a parent, you feel like your children’s youth is slipping away too quick.  The days are long, but the years are fast, which is why it’s so important to invest quality time in the lives of your spouse and children.

When Farmington Tiger parents come home from a long day of work, fighting the traffic off of Cedar Avenue, 52, 35W, or Pilot Knob, it can be stressful putting together dinner for your family – and knowing your home is dirty simply piles on some additional stress.

After you’ve eaten your Lakeville Hyvee dinner, the last thing you want to do with your remaining energy is to spend it dusting, cleaning, and making the bathrooms spotless.

Your Energy is Limited, Invest it Wisely

Farmington House Cleaning Company Maid Service Farmington Mn 55024

House Cleaning for Residential Homes in Farmington Mn

Maid services are all about helping people build margin in their lives. Whether you’ve just purchased your home or you’ve been a Tiger for decades, we’re confident that you’d be pleased with our work.

What are you looking for in a Farmington house cleaning service?

Here at Tidy Touch Twin Cities, we’re constantly seeking feedback and wisdom, to help us become the best cleaning company in Farmington Minnesota.

A Farmington House Cleaner Should Be:

  • Full of Integrity & Trustworthy
  • Security checked for background problems
  • A high level of execution, always making it “worth it”
  • Intricate attention to detail
  • Courteous and prompt service
  • Pricing transparency
  • Consistent
  • Knowledgable and accurate on chemical use and surface care
  • A top-notch employer

Recurring House Cleaning in Dakota County

When Tidy Touch is able to clean your house on a periodic schedule, you’ll find that your house is exponentially cleaner.  That’s because picking up and tidying yourself is much easier when the heavy lifting of deeper cleaning is already done for you.  Careful dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and polishing are the foundation of having a house that’s always clean.  You’ll be having more people over after the Farmington High School Tiger game, or after you eat at the Farmington Steak House.

Occasional Cleaning Services

House cleaning provides such a relief, that it’s a simple investment people can make into the enjoyment of important events.

House Cleaning Can Be Great For a:

  • Bachelor Party Gifts
  • Wedding Shower Gifts
  • Bachelorette Party Gifts
  • College Graduation Gifts
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Valentine Gifts
  • Any occasion you’d like to make your spouse feel great.

Moving to Farmington? Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning is Available.

Moving is quite the stressful time in your life. We’ve been cleaning Farmington and other south-metro homes for a long time, and we know that moving in and out of a house is a great time to call us.  We can remove much of the “previous owner” dirt with a deep clean.

Not only is it a good idea to deep clean a house before you move in, but once you’ve moved your things in, we’re able to get you’re home into a cleaning routine.

Cleaning for Rental Real Estate

Do you own a piece of rental property? Then we’d love to build a relationship with you.

We’d work hard to earn your repeat business, which means that we’re going to execute at a high level for you, your tenants, and any other referrals you provide.

Same Day House Cleaning 

When you’re sitting at a Farmington Tiger sporting event, and get the news that your in-laws will be visiting, we’re often able to make accommodations for our Farmington customers.

Spring or Fall House Cleaning

Every time we transition seasons, it’s a whole new set of clothes, toys, and accessories that need to be shifted around and sorted.  A deep spring, fall, or winter clean can help you’re home smell and feel great.

Farmington Maid Service - House Cleaning Service Farmington Mn 55024
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Farmington Maid Service - House Cleaning Service Farmington Mn 55024
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We're a Farmington owned house cleaning company that helps people invest their time in what matters most. We'll eliminate the shame of a messy house, increase the margin in your life, and reduce the depletion levels your experience.
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