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House Cleaning Service Prior Lake Mn 55372

Prior Lake Maid Service & House Cleaning 

LIFE IS SHORT: Invest in the Joy of a Tidy House.

Prior Lake Delegates Their House Cleaning to Tidy Touch Twin Cities

Life is short, your kids grow up quick, and nobody says on their death bed “The most meaningful stuff in life was cleaning my house.”

Here at Tidy Touch Twin Cities, we love working with families and homeowners in Prior Lake. Our goal is to help them invest their time with their friends and family, reduce the shame associated with a messy house, and increase the hospitality between neighbors. House cleaning services are really about an investment in hospitality, family, friends, and the meaningful things in life.

We’re owned and operated by Krissy Oates and her sisters. We work out of Farmington Minnesota and serve the surrounding area. Here at Tidy Touch, we’re on a mission to help people spend time focusing on what matters most, rather than spending their precious Minnesota summer, fall, and spring in the house cleaning.

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning Service in Prior Lake Minnesota 55372 | 55379 Scott County

Serving Families in the South & West Metro Twin Cities

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Benefits of Prior Lake Mn House Cleaning Services:
  • You’ll be more patient with your spouse
  • You’ll have a longer fuse when dealing with children & teenagers
  • You’ll be more likely to host people over to your home
  • You won’t experience the shame associated with a messy home
  • You’ll maximize the investment you’ve made into your house
  • You’ll return from work with a little less stress
  • You can prioritize your family and children more easily
  • The sanitary conditions of your house will help you remain healthy
  • Allergy symptoms might be reduced
  • You’ll have more time to enjoy Prior Lake’s namesake

Owned and Operated by Farmington Resident, Kristina Oates

Tidy Touch Twin Cities was founded by Kristina “Krissy” Oates and her two sisters who help lead and manage the organization. They’re the type of people you want cleaning your house; a bit OCD, the heart of a servant, hard-working, and open to feedback.

What Differentiates Tidy Touch for Prior Lake Customers:

House cleaning needs to leave you feeling “that was SO worth it!”  

If it doesn’t, then you could have just done it yourself. We want to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients every time, and we’re committed to finding out the core truth about the results of our work through feedback. We listen to our customers and have developed a quick and easy system to provide feedback so that we prioritize what’s important to our clients.

Cleaning companies can too easily fall into a rut after the first half-dozen jobs because they think they’re doing a great job when they’re actually only mediocre. We invite our clients to provide quick and easy feedback through our website, to help draw out the highest quality cleaning, according to what you value most.  Not every client values the same things, and we work diligently to understand your priorities, wishes, and vision that will make you say “that was SO worth it.”

A client shouldn’t have to tell a cleaning company how to do their jobs, yet we’ve found that clients appreciate a coachable team that seeks to be in tune with their customers’ priorities.

Prior Lake Maid Service - House Cleaning Service Prior Lake Minnesota 55372

Residential Cleaning Prior Lake Minnesota 55372

Tidy Touch is a Prior Lake area house cleaning company that’s dedicated to helping homeowners invest their time in a prioritized manner, because life is just too short to spend your weekends and free-time cleaning your house.

What is valuable to you in a maid service?

What’s valuable to one client isn’t necessarily valuable to another. We work hard to ensure that our team is continuously improving, and delivering a “that was worth it” experience to each of our clients.  While most cleaning services understand that people want a tidy home, we work hard to ensure that we’re in-tune with the priorities of our clients.

We Believe House Cleaning Services Should Be:

  • Trustworthy
  • Background-Checked
  • Leave you feeling “that was worth it!”
  • High attention to detail
  • Prompt and courteous
  • Transparent about pricing
  • Consistent
  • Professionally trained about surfaces & chemicals
  • A good employer

Recurring House Cleaning

Cleanliness momentum: That’s the name of the game when it comes to recurring cleaning. You might come home from a  long week of working or running your household, with enough energy to pour yourself into tidying up your house and cleaning each room, or maybe you’re like so many families that would rather use their precious energy on refueling or reenergizing activities.

Tidy Touch works with homeowners to provide recurring cleaning service for Prior Lake homeowners on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly rhythms. The idea is to keep your house clean so that it’s easier to keep the momentum going. When we’re cleaning the house, you might even have time for a round of golf at The Wilds or a walk at Lakefront Park.

Occasional House Cleaning Services

Why not leverage a team of professionals to make your events that much more enjoyable? We know that you’ll enjoy the added margin in your life so that the event your hosting is that much more enjoyable, both before and after.

Before and After Cleaning

We have scores of clients that hire us to clean their house before an event, and then again after. That way they can relax and enjoy the time with their loved ones during Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Graduation, Weddings, or other events.  There’s no reason to carry around stress, shame, or guilt associated with a dirty house, just because your schedule and limited energy has been taxed doing so many other things.

House Cleaning as a Gift:

Consider hiring a maid service for…

  • Bachelor Party Gifts
  • Wedding Shower Gifts
  • Bachelorette Party Gifts
  • College Graduation Gifts
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Valentine Gifts
  • Any occasion you’d like to make your spouse feel great.

House Cleaning when Moving in, or out, of Prior Lake Minnesota

Moving is a major headache.

Perhaps you’ve got enough energy, time, and logistical organization to do everything yourself, or maybe you’d like to delegate some of the menial tasks to a team of professionals.  We know that when you move into a house, it’s really helpful to purchase a couple of house cleanings:  One for before you unpack, and another for after.

A new home should carry with it excitement, pride, and joy; yet additional stressors will show up no matter what.

We’ve found that a house cleanign service for move-in, or move-out, can be the perfect de-stressor in the busyness of a move.

Prior Lake Rental Real Estate Cleanings

Do you own a townhome for rent or a house for rent? Then we’d love to build a relationship with you.

We love providing two levels of service to landlords: turnover cleaning and recurring cleaning. We have landlords that invest in their property and tenants by providing a periodic cleaning for the homeowners. The premise is that it helps add value to the tenant, while keeping the place tidy and nice.  When a house is clean and tidy, the tenants are more likely to take better care of it.


If you have a Prior Lake House for rent, then using Tidy Touch to clean up between tenants is a no-brainer.  We want to earn your repeat business, which means we work extra hard to ensure the next tenant is blown away by the cleanliness & tidiness of the place, causing them to want to pay higher rents and take better care of the property.

Same Day House Cleaning in Prior Lake Minnesota

When you find out your in-laws are coming to your house, sometimes you just want to get your house cleaned so your weekly schedule and rhythm doesn’t get disrupted.  Give us a call, and we’ll find a way to accommodate your requests.

Spring & Fall Cleanings

Transitioning from spring to summer to fall creates an opportunity to invest in your home.  When you hire Tidy Touch to perform a deep clean, you can then spend your time doing other projects around the house.  Nothing helps a home prepare for the transitions between Minnesota seasons like a deep clean.

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