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Rosemount Maid Service – House Cleaning Services Rosemount Mn 55068

Prioritize your time & delegate your cleaning to Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning.

Spend time on what matters most, but still have a home you feel great about

We’re a Farmington owned cleaning company that specializes in serving the South and West Metro regions of the Twin Cities. We spend a lot of time in Rosemount and want to take a little time to explain just what it is that we do there.

We know that life is too short to spend them either feeling guilty about a less-than-tidy house, or pouring time and energy into cleaning on a regular basis.

Our core customers want to spend their time on the things that matter most to them, but they also want to feel great about their home.

Don’t Feel Guilty or Waste Time Cleaning – Delegate!

We feel guilty or ashamed when our house doesn’t look perfect.  That guilt and shame cause us to avoid hospitality, nag at our kids and spouses, and it just causes a withdrawal from our already taxed energy banks.

We Provide Cleaning Momentum

It’s so much easier to keep the dishes clean and the toys picked up when someone else is doing the heavy lifting for you. We handle all of the deep cleaning so that you don’t have to. What we’ve found is that our clients experience a level of cleanliness in their home that is multiplied both by our efforts as well as their newfound ability to stay on top of it all once they’ve been given a good starting point.

Cleaning momentum is all about helping a family helping keep the bathrooms shining, the countertops clean, and everything dust-free – we know that from the time we leave, most families are more likely to keep their house picked up and tidy.

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning Service in Rosemount MN 55068 Dakota County

Helping Rosemount & South Metro Families Invest in What Matters Most

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

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Burnsville, Mn

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Trained by Chemists to Care for Your Surfaces

We’ve invested heavily into the education of our team. If used carelessly, typical cleaning products can cause damage on the various surfaces in your home. Whether it’s the various flooring, window treatments, countertops, steel, or paints found in homes today – we’ve invested in professional development so that we never cause damage to your home.

With the advent of “green cleaning,” the market has been flooded with products that might be “safe” for the user, but often the PH is not appropriate for the surface. This means that your floors, countertops, blinds, window treatments, hardware, cupboards, trim, doors, vents, shower grout, and other surfaces wear out and are at great risk.

We use great products, but we carefully administer the correct solution to each surface so that nothing is ruined or destroyed over time.

Benefits of Rosemount Mn House Cleaning Services:
  • Invest more time with your family going for a walk at Carroll’s Woods or enjoying dinner downtown
  • Spouses tend to be happier when the house is clean
  • Your fuse is longer, and you’ll be less likely to be short tempered
  • You’ll have folks over to visit more often
  • No more “dirty house shame”
  • You’ll enjoy your house more
  • Commuting home from work is a little sweeter when the house is clean
  • Live more sanitary
  • Alleviate allergy symptoms

Invested in the South Metro Twin Cities

Tidy Touch Twin Cities isn’t your typical cleaning company, it’s run by local sisters in the Farmington area. Kristina Oates is a mother, business owner, and entrepreneur that’s invested deeply in our south metro communities. While she might be cheering for the Farmington Tigers because that’s where she raises her family, her heart is focused on creating relief and margin in the lives of south-metro families.

Tidy Touch is who you want cleaning your house if you’re a Rosemount homeowner because we work hard and pay close attention to what’s most important to our clients.  We know that every person is different, and we want to find out what makes each person say “this is SO worth it.”

What Makes Tidy Touch Different

We make your house beautiful without any hassle.

We know that our core job is to make each housecleaning a special event – so that the customer is left feeling excited about their home again. We are meticulous in our attention to detail, and we use a system of online feedback to gently identify what is going well and what needs improving according to each individual client.

We have a productive paranoia about each of our house cleaning opportunities, which causes us to work hard to not only meet expectations but exceed them.

Every Client’s Top Priority

Here at Tidy Touch, we seek to identify the top priority for each of our clients, and make sure that they can feel great about that aspect of the cleaning.

Not only do we work hard and provide a service that’s worth it, but we’ve also taken care to develop our team professionally.

Rosmount Maid Service - House cleaning service Rosemount mn 55068

Residential House Cleaning Rosemount Mn 55068

We don’t clean offices, we don’t clean warehouses – we clean houses in the Twin Cities.

We feel called to help families experience more joy about their home, margin in their life, and hospitality between friends and neighbors. We’ve found that when someone’s decided to become a client, whether they’re a Rosemount resident or another south-metro area house cleaning prospect, they’ll have an opportunity to invest more time into what matters most to them.

Residential house cleaning and maid service in Rosemount Minnesota should be done by professional, courteous people with attention to detail. We’re a little bit OCD here at Tidy Touch, and we’ve built a team of people that not only like to work hard, but feel called to maximize the time of our clients.

What would be valuable in a Rosemount maid or house cleaning service?

Each of our clients have different value, priorities, and pain points.

That’s why we work so hard at understanding what specific parts of a cleaning job are important to each client. Pets, animals, and teenagers create a host of opportunities when it comes to keeping a tidy house, and we use the discovery process to identify important nuances.

As a Rosemount House Cleaning Company, We Value:

  • Being worthy of your trust
  • Background checked
  • Making you say “that was SO worth it!”
  • Rigorous attention to detail
  • On time & friendly
  • Pricing transparency and fairness
  • Consistency
  • Attention to the long-term effects of cleaning solutions
  • A company that takes great care of its employees

Recurring House Cleaning

When you invest in recurring house cleaning – weekly, bi-weekly – monthly, or bi-monthly, you’re deciding to prioritize.

  • Children grow up fast
  • Investing in friendships is important
  • Generosity and hospitality are worthy pursuits
  • Margin in life allows for quality conversations in marriage and parenting
  • Your professional career benefits from margin, cleanliness & prioritization

Occasional House Cleaning Services

Do you find that enjoying an event like a graduation, Thanksgiving dinner, or a birthday party is difficult because of the build-up and aftermath?

House cleaning services before and after an event can allow homeowners to more fully enjoy what’s going on before, during, and after an event.

When you have company, you can feel great about your home because it was cleaned to perfection by a team of professionals – which allows you to execute better on the other things.

Give the Gift of House Cleaning

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, or a Christmas gift from a local company, a gift card from a local small business like Tidy Touch is a great solution.

Rosemount Maid Service or House Cleaning Events:

  • Bachelor Party Gifts
  • Wedding Shower Gifts
  • Bachelorette Party Gifts
  • College Graduation Gifts
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Valentine Gifts
  • Any occasion you’d like to make your spouse feel great.

Moving Cleaners – Rosemount Minnesota

Moving in to a new house, or moving out of an old house, can be made easier with a professional house cleaning service.

If you’ve found a house for sale in Rosemount Minnesota that you love, then it’s always a great feeling to start fresh with a professional house cleaning.

Many new home owners will call us a week or two after they’ve unboxed things, because a deep clean is necessary after all the dust and dirt from the move has been spread throughout the house.

Enjoying a new house is important, and a deep cleaning before and after a move can also help get the smell of the previous owners to dissipate.

Rental Real Estate in Rosemount Mn

We love helping landlords improve their properties to attract top-notch tenants.

We know that houses for rent in Rosemount tend to attract better tenants, for a longer period, when the place is exquisitely clean.

A deep clean before listing a property and prior to move in, will communicate quality to the tenant.

If you own rental real estate in Rosemount Minnesota, we’d love to build a long-term relationship with you to help your properties look exquisite.

Same Day House Cleaning

Sometimes you procrastinate too long, and suddenly you’re faced with a last minute cleaning requirement.  We’ve found that customers often need to spend time cooking, mowing, shoveling snow, or working -which means that a last minute call to Tidy Touch can help a great deal.

Spring Cleaning Service

Transitioning seasons creates a great deal of mess because you haul clothes and equipment in and out.

We love doing a pre-summer cleaning, spring cleaning, dead-of-the-winter cleaning, or even a fall cleaning.

Obviously we think that anytime is a good time to hire a Rosemount house cleaner, but we know that anytime during the seasonal changes are prime-time because it helps you start fresh with a clean and tidy home.

Winters and Summers

Why waste even one beautiful summer evening cleaning when you could go for a walk at Meadows Park, a hike, canoe trip, or to the beach?

Summer, spring, and fall are amazing – we think that house cleaning during those times can help you enjoy them much more.

Winter – On the other side, most of our clients keep us cleaning throughout the winter because they spend so much time in their home, they’d love it to be looking great.

Because nearly 1/3rd of our lives in Rosemount are spent in the winter months, it’s nice to have a clean and tidy house during that period.  Especially when so many great holiday parties such as Christmas and New Years, fall during the snowy months.

Rosemount Maid Service - House Cleaning Service Rosemount Mn 55068
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Rosemount Maid Service - House Cleaning Service Rosemount Mn 55068
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