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Our Guide to the Mill City Farmer’s Market

Minneapolis is a city full of farmer’s markets. If there’s any city that appreciates fresh produce, it’s this one. But of all the farmer’s markets in and around the Twin Cities, the Mill City Farmer’s Market is definitely one of our favorites.

The selection available at this farmer’s market changes year round along with what’s available to farmers, but that said, many of the vendors are there year round, and there’s always a few consistently great ones to look for.

It’s also important to note that this farmer’s market has more than just produce – there are also a variety of food vendors serving breakfast and lunch options. Many of them are absolutely incredible!

Best Prepared Food Options

Solomon’s Bakery

No visit to the Mill City Farmer’s Market is complete without a stop at the Solomon’s Bakery booth. This vendor is well-known for carefully crafted breads with preservative free ingredients.

They are (arguably) known first for their chocolate croissant. Sound surprising? Just wait until you try it. Odds are you’ve never had one that tasted just like this.

Northern Fires Pizza

Northern Fires Pizza is an amazing place to get breakfast or lunch. By having this pizza, you’ll actually be experiencing a wide variety of offerings from this farmer’s market – Northern Fires sources many of their ingredients from other vendors. That includes produce, meats, flour, and cheese to name a few.

Not to mention, the mobile pizza place is run by a former sous chef from the Bachelor Farmer – a Minnesota classic.

For breakfast, try the breakfast pizza with eggs, potatoes, spelt, and so much more. For a more traditional pizza, try the wood-fired margarita.

Salty Tart Bakery

Like Solomon’s Bakery, many people consider Salty Tart to be a can’t miss stop on their way through the farmer’s market. This bakery offers everything from puff pastry to coconut macaroons, and you can expect just about everything to be amazingly delicious.

After all, Salty Tart is run by award-winning chef Michelle Gayer – a well-known name in the Minneapolis foodie community.

Chef Shack

It might seem unlikely to find a menu formed by a James Beard award-winner at any farmer’s market, but that’s exactly what the Chef Shack truck brings to Mill City.

This food truck is so popular that the one here is just one from an entire lineup of them. The folks behind Chef Shack are one of the founding vendors of the Mill City Farmer’s Market and have been serving up original, delicious food there ever since.

The truck that boasts recognition as one of the most creative food trucks in the USA from Yahoo News almost always has a long line around lunch time – and for good reason. Try the pulled pork nachos, sweet potato tacos, or spiced mini donuts – every single one is a winner.

Black Cat Natural Foods

Black Cat is a destination for both breakfast and lunch – they feature classics like a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich, a market omelet, and a BBQ pulled pork hash.

Like many of the other vendors at the market, Black Cat puts a strong emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Almost everything they serve is provided by a local source when at all possible. Once you’ve tried the food here once, you’l probably want to come back over and over again.

The Farmers, Artisans, and Producers to Visit

Dumpling & Strand

Dumpling & Strand makes almost every variety of noodle that you could ever imagine. At this booth, it’s even possible to come across some difficult to find noodle varieties that offer amazing flavor. You can buy everything from soba noodles to egg noodles here, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them.

The Twisted Shrub

If you’re not sure exactly what a “shrub” is in the food world, then you’re probably not sure what to make of a place with this name either. A shrub, however, is actually very simple – it’s a drink mixer that also makes for a great alcoholic beverage.

At The Twisted Shrub, this product is made solely with apple cider vinegar, fresh produce (in several different varieties) and cane sugar.

Add three parts soda water to one part shrub and you’ll have a delicious sparkling beverage. Otherwise, add it to equal parts spirit and soda water and you’ll have an interesting new drink to try.

Red Table Meat Co.

Red Table is known all across the Twin Cities area as one of the state’s top meat providers. This northeast Minneapolis based salumi company is an award-winner and is well-recognized for their dry-cured products.

If you’re not convinced by description alone, stop by the Red Table booth for the oft-provided free samples. After having a taste, you’ll likely be ready to commit.

Sunshine Harvest Farm

Sunshine Harvest Farm is a well-known quantity at the Mill City Farmer’s Market. They’re a provide of grass-fed meats, farm fresh eggs, and more. Like most others at the Mill City Farmer’s Market, the Sunshine Harvest team follows organic farming practices and strives to provide a product that’s natural and delicious.

Shepherd’s Way Farms

The owners of Shepherd’s Way Farms didn’t originally intend to get into cheese-making, but it’s a good thing they did. Ever since they started producing cheese, it has been a massive hit. At the time that they got their start, they were one of the only sheep’s milk cheese farmers in the USA, but since then, they’ve been able to win awards as well as national recognition for having such an incredible product.

Next time you’re at the Mill City Farmer’s Market, it would be well worth stopping to try the cheese varieties offered by this amazing little family farm.

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