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Our 2018 Spring Cleaning Guide

spring cleaning 2018

As we write this, there’s about a foot of snow on the ground in MN. Thinking of this season as “spring” might seem like a bit of a stretch, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re already in the middle of April. It’s just about time for spring cleaning 2018!

Of course, spring cleaning isn’t always exciting. In fact, most people dread it – for good reason! But even though it can be a drag, there’s a great reason to take on spring cleaning – you’ll enjoy the benefits of a job well done all year long!

To make the most of your spring cleaning, follow these easy steps.


spring cleaning 2018

The most annoying thing about cleaning is that most of it isn’t one and done. In fact, things like vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, and mopping have to be done over and over again to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

De-cluttering, on the other hand, is one of the few things you can do that offers long term benefits. By getting unnecessary things out of your house, you’ll feel like your home is always cleaner than it ever was before.

After all, most big messes are caused by things – having less of them makes for fewer messes and more storage space. These are two of the keys to having a much cleaner home.

Get Organized

spring cleaning 2018

Once you’ve eliminated some of the clutter in your home, you should notice a little bit of extra storage space. Even if your closets and basement are jam-packed, it can be extremely helpful to get everything organized. Doing so sets you up for success in the future. Your storage space is one of your biggest assets, and getting it all in order gives you the opportunity to make better use of it.

In fact, you might find that you’re more willing to store some of your clutter away once you’re confident that you know where to find anything if you need it.

Do Some Deep Cleaning

spring cleaning 2018

Once you’ve gotten organized, it’s time for the “real” cleaning to begin. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to get after some of the cleaning that you might otherwise put off. You might not clean out your oven, microwave, and bathtub every time you clean, but it’s got to be done at some point or another!

If you want your home to look like it did the day you moved in (or maybe even better) then give the Tidy Touch team a call! We’ll take on the deep cleaning for you and help 2018 to be the year that your spring cleaning really does make a difference.

When you partner with us, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between a one-time cleaning to start spring off right and ongoing cleanings to help you upkeep your initial momentum.

There’s nothing that feels better than a home that’s constantly clean!

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