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The Best Indoor Activities In Minneapolis

The Best Indoor Activities in Minneapolis

Let’s face the facts: some of the weather we face in Minnesota just doesn’t call for being outside. We have our infamously cold winters and a few rainier or colder days throughout the summer too.

But it’s no use sitting around and waiting for warmer days when the entire Twin Cities area is filled with great indoor entertainment options. You’ll never have to mope through an entire day with nothing to do again. Instead, just consult this list and find the activity that fits your schedule and lifestyle!

Walk the Minneapolis Skyway

If you’re in disbelief about the fact that a skyway made its way onto this list, then you’ve probably never walked through the Minneapolis skyway before.

For some, it’s a necessity as part of working downtown, but for others, the skyway seldom requires any real use.

But just about anyone can enjoy what the skyway has to offer. Believe it or not, this skyway system is the largest of its kind anywhere in the world – there’s about 9.8 miles worth of connected tunnels and some 140 eating options as well.

While there are plenty of chains in the skyway, you’ll also find tons of places that are entirely unique to Minnesota or even the skyway itself. There’s everything from incredible coffee, to donuts, to Thai, Mexican, Asian Fusion, and beyond.

This is a great place to come if you love shopping too – many of the major downtown department stores are easily accessible without ever requiring you to take a step outside.

Visit the Mall of America

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Something for everyone at every level. ⬆️⬇️ #MOArchitecture

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Here’s a Minnesotan cliché – looking for something to do indoors? Visit the Mall of America!

As much as we hate to give in and give the same recommendation that everyone else gives, we have to admit that there’s a reason why it’s always top of mind for indoor activities.

The reality of the MOA is this – you don’t even have to be a big shopper to enjoy it! With all that’s being added to the MOA on what seems like a weekly basis, there’s always something new and exciting happening here. You can now go-kart, ride a roller coaster, hop on a flight simulator, shop over 500 stores, and eat at one of over 50 restaurants…all within one building.

Let’s face it, if an amusement park, mall, and foodie’s dream all under one roof isn’t mentioned on a list of things to do indoors, then there’s something wrong with that list.

Hit Rockin' Jump or Skyzone

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Getting some air in the 360 slam dunk zone. #trampolinepark #slamdunk

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Ever wanted to bring the simplicity of a trampoline up to the next level? That’s exactly what’s done at destinations like Skyzone and Rockin’ Jump – both of which have locations near to Minneapolis.

At first mention, a bunch of trampolines might just sound…like a bunch of trampolines. But there all sorts of things to keep kids and, yes, even you, entertained. Try the slam dunk setups, dodgeball courts, soft landing areas, or X-Beam to really experience something unique and interesting.

At both Skyzone and Rockin’ Jump, there’s even a short Ninja Warrior course to check out. At Rockin’ Jump, you also have the option to play Bubble Soccer.

If you’re not sold based on the fun factor, consider one of these two places as an aerobic exercise. Jumping around is a workout all on its own, but Skyzone also offers a dedicated Aerobics class to consider.

Visit the Museum of Your Choosing

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Like most big cities, Minneapolis is home to quite an impressive array of museums that vary in topic from science, to history, art, and beyond.

There’s no way to recommend the “best” museums because really, that depends on what you find most interesting. Some of the standouts in this realm, though, are The Walker Art Museum, the Science Museum, the Children’s Museum, and the Mill City Museum.

Go to each to find interesting presentations of each different topic, but make sure to do a little research about when the best exhibits are coming to each so that you know exactly what you’re going in to see.

Head to an Indoor Park

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Indoor parks are becoming increasingly prevalent in Minnesota, and the attractions they offer are getting better and better too!

If it’s too hot, too cold, or just too commonplace to visit a local outdoor park, consider checking out one of the incredible indoor parks in the Twin Cities metro area. These parks do a great job of bringing the great outdoors in and allowing children to find all sorts of fun things to do.

For one example, check out our review of a favorite – Good Times Park in Eagan.

Check out the Como Conservatory

When it’s mid-winter (or even day 5 of a cold, rainy patch) it can start to feel like that feeling you get from being outside is just a distant memory.

When you’re feeling the cold weather blues, head to the Como Conservatory. It might just be the closest thing we have to a year-round summer. In the Como Conservatory, you’ll find tons of glass fixtures letting in the light from outside as well as hundreds and hundreds of different plants to admire. It can be quite a shock to step inside and see all of the greenery after a winter in Minnesota.

Just be warned – lots of people count on this as their escape back into summer weather. Go on a rainy day and you’ll likely find that you’re far from alone here.

Try an Escape Room

Some people love to solve problems, and others enjoy the opportunity to work fast under pressure. If you’re one of those people (or if you’re just looking for a good time) try testing out your abilities at one of the escape rooms around Minneapolis (or St. Paul.)

The idea is pretty simple. You’ll be “trapped” inside a room with your team and will have to work together to find your way out. This involves solving a series of puzzles and finding clues to pick up all of the pieces to put your escape strategy together.

It sounds simple enough, but the process can be extremely entertaining and exciting as you go.

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