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Good Times Indoor Park In Eagan Minnesota

Good Times Indoor Park in Eagan Minnesota

Things to do in Minneapolis: Good Times Indoor Park

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities, then Good Times Indoor Park is a sure-fire hit!

Good Times Park Website

Winter Activities for Kids in Minnesota

Hey everybody – right now we’re sick of winter, which we think is one of the toughest times to be a Minnesotan – especially when you have little kids!

We were just talking about how our kids drive us a little battie this time of year, so we wanted to share one of our favorite places to bring our kids under 12 to have a good time during the winter.

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ALRIGHT – so the problem we usually face is that in the middle of winter, our kids need to blow off steam when it’s really cold and miserable outside.

One of our favorite places to bring our kids is a place in Eagan called Good Times Park.

Good Times Park is located just a couple miles off of 35E in Eagan, kind of by the 494 and 35e interchange.. If you’re on the freeway, you’ll take either the Yankee Doodle or Lone Oak Road exits, and it’s not that far away from the Sam’s Club right off 35e.

Good Times is a sprawling indoor park that’s meant for younger kids, and it has some serious variety of things to do.

The park is priced very reasonable, it’s $8 dollars per child or they have monthly and yearly memberships as well…

The idea behind this park is that it’s a place that parents can bring their kids to have some big time fun without big time costs. You’ll pay the $8 for your child, but adults are free…

Check out goodtimespark.com for more details on their policy for parties and multi family events –

OK – so now for the fun part.

Good Times has seven distinct areas that make this indoor park interesting for hours and hours of play, whether your kids are 15 months or 10 years old – there’s variety!

There’s the spintastic playground, the family jumper, field area, an itty bitty play space, a imagination playground, and then a hologram game area.

Besides the play areas, there’s sufficient diaper changing and nursing areas, along with tables to eat a bag lunch, a delivered pizza, or Jimmy John’s sandwiches.

That’s probably one thing to note – Good Times does not have a food court of any kind, but they do have some reasonably priced vending machines, so you’ll want to bring your own food or stop at the nearby Byerlys on the way in.

Alright, their spintastic playground is what they call the sprawling sets of playground equipment you’ll see right when you walk in the door.

There’s areas for both young and old here, and cool features sprinkled in between the major playgrounds.

There’s a playground geared for your new walkers and younger children, it has a little slide they can safely go down. Your little tike will have fun climbing up the wall and shooting down the short slide – they can end up doing a loop as much as they want – and the soft rubber ground means no bumps on the noggin…

Then, there’s a really neat thing they call the climbing web…. your kiddos can climb into the middle of this web of ropes or get a little more adventurous and head up to the top – this web climber is pretty fun, the ropes are tight, and it’s been well maintained, and our kids just loved it.

Towards the back there’s a much taller set of playground equipment with a couple of big slides. These slides are a blast for kids to race down against each other, and around the back is something they call the drop zone – that everyone seems to flock to – it’s a bit more special than the other playground equipment.

Just behind that is the hologram play zone – which is a projector up on the ceiling that throws images on the ground with various games…. The main theme of this park is that there’s a variety of things to do, and this can be a nice little change of pace from the other events.

Now, the coolest and most popular thing to play on at Good Times Park has got to be the humongous family jumper. This thing is an inflatable jumping pillow with lots of bouncing space for children and adults of all ages… Your kids will be ready for a nap when they get in the car because this thing is awesome aerobic exercise!

Good Times does a good job of establishing rules and a fairly stable culture so that this thing is fun and safe for kids of just about every age.

The family jumper is SUPER FUN! And this is just another stop your kids can make as they hop between all the different areas in Good Times Park!

Next to the family jumper is a basketball court with two fixed hoops and a couple of short hoops on the ground for smaller children. There are balls everywhere for playing dodge ball, shooting hoops, or just chasing balls around with your toddler.

If you’re trying to teach your kid how to play basketball, this is actually a really convenient location because it’s safe, it has lowered hoops, but it also has a standard 10 foot hoop that you can build up to.

We like going and getting a little exercise in while the kids are running around like crazy people!

Moving through to the back of the facility is the field. Here you’re going to find hula hoops, footballs, soccer balls, goals and a whole bunch of sporty equipment. The ground is a soft and carefully chosen turf that’s safe and fun. You can even do your own quarterback challenge with the throwing targets…. This area has room to run and it’s really great to toss a football, kick a soccer ball, or roll hula hoops at each other!

The last main feature of the park is an area connected to the picnic area called the imagination playground. This is really a cool change of pace again where kids can build forts and all sorts of creations out of these large blocks that are like playing with life-sized blocks…

Again – this is so great for variety after tons of sweating and romping around – kids can switch on their creativity switch and enter into imagination land with some new friends. Our kids have been known to spend HOURS with friends making pretend space ships and castles and really flexing their imagination!

If you’re looking for something fun to do, particularly in the winter or on a rainy day, nothing is better than Good Times Park in Eagan!

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