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The Top 5 Best Places For Family Fun In The Twin Cities (All Under $10 Per Person!)

The Top 5 Best Places for Family Fun in the Twin Cities (All Under $10 Per Person!)

So, now it’s the weekend. FINALLY! The weekend means freedom from work for you, and freedom from school for the kids. Now is the time for family bonding.

There’s only one problem.

Finding a place to bring the kids that is both fun and cheap is kind of hard these days, and sometimes you might feel pressured to go for the more expensive option purely for entertainment’s sake.

But you really don’t have to! There are plenty of places in the Twin Cities area for your entire family. They’re fun, they provide entertainment without the use of screens, and to top it off, they’re cheap!

There are so many of these places in our area, but these are the top five:

1 – Apple Valley Aquatic Center

things to do twin citiesLocated in Apple Valley, MN, this charming outdoor waterpark offers fun for all ages, from a lazy river to a whirlpool tube slide, a wave pool, and regular body slides. There is even a place for the smaller children to play, complete with smaller water slides and water fountains. The cost is rather inexpensive as well at a price of $9 per person during the day, and only $6 if you go after 5PM. Another bonus to this attraction is you can bring food into the park. That way, you don’t have to spend additional money on food inside the park, although that is an option in a pinch!

2 – Pump It Up

things to do with family twin citiesThis attraction is located in both Eden Prairie and Plymouth, MN. Have you ever needed to let your kids burn off some energy while still having fun? This is the place for you! Pump It Up offers many different bouncy castles, obstacle courses, and more for playtime fun! But that’s not the best part… Pump It Up uses “special lighting” to make their playground even cooler! It’s only $8 for general admission, and $8.99 for a ninety-minute session of “glow wars,” where parents can join the fun as well! And since it’s indoors, it can be enjoyed all year round!

3 – Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground

family fun twin citiesThis is another kid-friendly place that can be utilized even when the snow flies; it’s a massive indoor playground! Lookout Ridge possesses lots of cool slides (even a “dark slide” where you can’t see where you’re going!), towers to climb, obstacle courses to navigate, a cave to explore, and a bouncy house! It is located in Woodbury, MN, inside the same building as the Washington County Library. The best part is the price, which is only $5.50 on the weekends and $3.50 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings! Parents are invited to help the younger children navigate the place and have fun together. Perfect for rainy days, and then when you’re done, finish off the fun with a trip to the library!

4 – Lebanon Hills Regional Park

family activities twin cities mnAccording to the Dakota County website: “Lebanon Park is the largest park in the Dakota County park system.” Located in Eagan, MN, this amazingly large park offers hiking trails (including one around both Holland Lake and Jensen Lake), a playground, a picnic area, and more! The best part? It’s FREE, and you can’t beat that price anywhere! So, pack a lunch, grab your hiking shoes and bring the kids for a fun day of playing and hiking. Show them the wildlife, make it an expedition, have a picnic lunch, and bond as a family. Create lasting memories with outdoor fun! This is a really nice park that is rarely crowded and fun to explore. Next time you’re looking for good,\ wholesome, outdoor enjoyment, visit Lebanon Hills!

5 – Como Zoo and Conservatory

twin cities fun things to doI know you’ve probably heard of the Como Zoo before, but it is truly a great place to take the kids in the summer and fall! It is free, which is very convenient, but they do take donations at the door and it is considered good form to give at least $5-$15 depending on your group size. All things considered, this is rather cheap! There is a “Sparky Show” during the summer afternoons where a seal performs tricks, polar bears, giant tortoises, an indoor rainforest, and so much more! You might not even be able to explore the entire park before you have to go home.

Go Out and Have FUN!

The point is, kids spell love T-I-M-E, and doing these things with your children offers quality family bonding time at an affordable price! Take the time to do things with your children and spouse, and you will never regret it! Your kids will remember these outings for the rest of their lives and look back on them fondly. I know I do! I remember the fun we used to have as a family and how it brought us closer together.

Priceless memories don’t have to be expensive! The above options are very cheap, and fun besides!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the kids, and start making memories!

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