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Why to Consider a Minneapolis Window Cleaning Company

Looking for a Minneapolis Window Cleaning Company?

Who in their right mind wants to climb up to their second or third story windows to get them clean? We’ve all heard the horror stories about people who have fallen off of ladders and broken bones.

Here at Tidy Touch, we clean interior windows and houses, but we’re not dangling 30 feet from the air or getting on your roof to wash your exterior windows.  

One of the things we want to do on this blog is help connect our customers to other Minnesota small businesses that deliver great customer service and are worthy of trust.

When it comes to Minnesota window cleaning companies, we want to recommend Matt Herringshaw of Clear Cut Window Cleaning.

Leave the Risk Taking to the Professionals

Clear Cut is a Minnesota-local company that serves as a Twin Cities window cleaner, but they clean the exterior of your house as well.  

Matt got started in the window business while he was going to college at Bethel University, and it helped him to be financially smart while earning his degree. Because he was always treating people kindly, exceeding their expectations, and taking care of them if anything ever went wrong, he started earning lots of repeat business.

Clear Cut Window Cleaning has a service area much like our Minnesota house cleaning company – they serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the suburbs–everywhere from Woodbury in the east, Lakeville in the south, White Bear Lake in the North, Minnetonka in the east, and everything in between.

There are a couple of things to look for in a window cleaning company that we think is worth paying attention to. Ultimately, this is why we recommend Clear Cut.

Window Cleaning Company Minneapolis – 4 Things to Look For

1 – Great Customer Service Skills & Prompt Follow Up

Great organizations value prompt follow up and communication.  The first three conversations with a business will show you whether or not they’re going to prioritize your best interests and be on top of things.

Great organizations value prompt follow up and communication.

When you contact them, how quick can they get back to you?  Do they follow up more than once and are they personable?

2 – A Team That Shows Professionalism – Indicated by Referrals & Reviews

It’s really hard to gauge this before a company comes out to do the work, which is why referrals and reviews are critical to know if they’re any good.  A business owner should be able to produce a handful of satisfied customers when you ask them, or they should have some Google Reviews.

It takes some intentionality to get Google Reviews, so don’t dismiss a company that’s still learning how to build small business reviews on Google.

Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and other online reputation systems are basically aggregating the trust that a company has earned.  In fact, an online review is basically a way to solidify a referral – so we recommend that people pay attention to them.

why to consider a minneapolis window cleaning company3 – Professional Equipment

One of the things that you’ll want to see from a window cleaning company is that they have invested in a water filtration or purification system. It’s a device that gets hooked up to a hose and takes the minerals out of the water. This demineralized water is free from contaminants that cause more spots and streaks. The company you choose to hire should have made an investment in some sort of tool that ensures that the work they do will last longer.

The company you choose to hire should have made an investment in some sort of tool that ensures that the work they do will last longer.

The main result of using these purified water tools on their window cleaning jobs is that the windows don’t attract as much dust, dirt, and water won’t stay on it as easily.  Every piece of dust and dirt that’s on the window is like a magnet for new stuff.  That’s one reason that a professional window cleaning company should have made this investment – it means their window cleaning’s last longer!

4 – They’re Not Low Bid

One thing that we’ve learned is that most low-bid companies are fly-by-night, and aren’t committed to building a great reputation.  

That’s not to say that you can’t receive great service from a low-bid company – you just probably won’t be serviced by them for very long because low-bid produces short-term businesses.

When a business owner has the lowest price out of everyone, it’s usually a sign of two things: they’re either desperate for business because they’re new, or they’re not getting repeat business.

It’s all about the the overall value for the service you receive, not just the price of the first service.

Another thing that can be relevant in window cleaning is the insurance that the company has.  Window cleaning companies need to carry a certain level of liability insurance that you might not immediately think about.  If they fall, break a window, or cause building damage – you’ll want a company that can take care of you rather than leave you high and dry.  Insured companies are the ones you’ll want to do business with.


When we consider all of this, we definitely think that Clear Cut Window Cleaning is worth a call to have your windows cleaned.

Think Tidy Touch for your Minneapolis House Cleaner and Clear Cut Window Cleaning for your window and house washing.

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