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6 Little Steps to Build Momentum at Home in 2018

Here’s our countdown of six practical ways to build some momentum for you and your family. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way towards having a clean house that actually stays clean.

6 – Declutter

build momentum at home

Get rid of stuff! Get rid of things!

Seriously, think of the stress, anger, rage, and pure disappointment that things usher into our lives every week!

We just had a friend tell us about their clutter madness that’s the result of too many loving family members being involved in their lives. (What an amazing problem to have!)

They’re married with 3 kids and have two sets of grandparents, a great grandmother, and two sets of aunt/uncles.

That’s a family of five with five groups of people that constantly love to provide gifts.

Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter….

That’s 5 people, 5 groups giving, and 5 events a year.

They said everybody gives one thing at least per holiday (grandparents average much more – maybe even 5 per kid.)

That’s 125 gifting events per year!  As a result, their house is slowly being taken over by the generosity of these people and it’s becoming unbearable to keep up with.

The answer?  Make monthly trips to the donation center of your choice.

Remember, when you give your items to charity, they are tax deductible to an extent, which is often better than the selling price you might get.

5 – Schedule Your Cleaning or Hire a House Cleaner

Ok – obviously we’re tooting our own horn here, but taking house cleaning off your to-do list will help you feel great about your home, take the stress off the weekends and evenings, and will make life much easier.

House cleaning is an investment into your family, your career, your hobbies, and your sanity.

Set up monthly cleanings with Tidy Touch, and we’ll do the heavy lifting by cleaning your house. Then you simply have to put a pickup night on the calendar every week to stay on top of the clutter.

A tidy house makes you feel awesome (and can improve your love life husbands!)

4 – Daily Wins Every Day

You have a moment of motivation, and you start making lists and planning…. And you eventually douse the fire that was going by over-planning rather than just getting some things done.

When you get things done, you build momentum.

Pick 1-3 things you want to accomplish in a day, put it on your calendar/list, and STOP.

Don’t write anything down after that.

If you’re feeling motivated, the key is quick planning and getting things done, not scheming more plans. Never waste a moment of clarity and motivation on over-planning, just make a quick list of 1-3 things and get it done.

Getting things done helps you build momentum, and momentum is critical in your pursuit of a better future.

3 – Create Routines Using Your Calendar

Working people: Put good things on your calendar. Otherwise, you’ll make work-day and work-week completion your main objective.

Routines either build momentum in life or keep you stuck.

Put your family chores, cleaning nights, game nights, and even some meals on your calendar. Use a shared calendar so you and your spouse can do it together.

Use your Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar, physical calendar, or whatever is easiest for you to use and start creating routine in your life.

2 – Planned Meals & Dinners

“What should we have for dinner?”  

“I don’t know.”

Not knowing what you’re going to eat can get frustrating, cause you to eat out, and carry a little additional stress.

Don’t go hog wild and try to schedule every single meal if you’re starting from nothing. To build a little momentum, just plan one or two more meals than you’re currently planning, and do that for a month.

Start small, execute, and build.

What’s the NUMBER ONE WAY to build momentum in your life?

1 – Log Your Food

Stress is amplified when we don’t feel great about ourselves.

Losing weight and getting stronger are some of the most impactful ways to build momentum in life. Nothing helps you accomplish your weight loss or fitness goals more than getting a grip on what you’re eating.

Log your daily food intake using an app.  The Lose It! app makes logging food incredibly easy, and you can even get an accountability partner.

The Lose It! app is great – you put in your current weight, height, age, and then a goal weight, and then it will craft a calorie-deficit plan to get you there.

No fad diets – just good nutrition.

We’ve found no better way to build momentum in your life than to log your food. This allows you to eat, but it will influence the way you eat and buy groceries too.

When you log your food, you’ll notice that you can eat a ton of healthy food, but not nearly as much junk. 

You’ll start reaching for apples, vegetables, and healthy low-fat yogurt all day rather than handfuls of crackers & fats.

Looking better, feeling better, and getting into the shape you want is the top thing you can do to build momentum for 2018.

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