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Having Fun In Richfield MN

Having Fun in Richfield MN

Hey, Richfield, Are You Having Fun Yet?

You’re a busy, 30-something professional with a young family and you have just snagged a house in Richfield, Minnesota. Snagged may be an understatement. Richfield is one of the hottest–THE hottest, according to the Star Tribune–housing markets in the Twin Cities metro area. Single family homes are at a premium and you are fortunate your offer was accepted.

Between navigating your new commute and getting your children situated in daycare and school, you hardly have time to get the house as spic-and-span as you’d like, let alone explore your newly adopted “Urban Hometown.”

You need to thoroughly shampoo the carpets, but you’d rather be checking out Richfield’s restaurants with your spouse.

The tile grout in the shower desperately needs to see the bristle end of a toothbrush, but Richfield’s shops are beckoning.

Exploring Richfield, MN

You’ve heard there’s more to Richfield than restaurants and shopping and you are eager to explore the community.

The Wood Lake Nature Center sounds like a great place for the kids. It’s got hiking trails and loads of nature programs on bugs, birds, turtles, dinosaurs, and wildflowers. You’d love to take the center’s class on building forts, even though it’s for children. Although, they do have a book club you could join. The class on mud reminds you of the scrubbing you’d like to give the basement floor.

But there’s even more to do in Richfield. You want to visit the Richfield Historical Society so you can expand your knowledge of your new community. They’ve got exhibits and a couple of books on the area’s history: Richfield: Minnesota’s Oldest Suburb and Suburban Dawn and “The Emergence of Richfield, Edina and Bloomington”.

You have a thing for historic homes and want to tour the Bartholomew House. It was built in 1852, (before Minnesota became a state,) and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Further, you need to stop by the Augsburg Park Library to sign the family up for library cards–which reminds you of all the parks in Richfield that need exploring. There are over 20 parks, offering a variety of outdoor activities, including pickle ball, tennis, softball, volleyball, soccer, fishing, baseball, and basketball.

So much to do in Richfield and so little time! This is particularly true when there is a new house to clean and so many necessary daily tasks to accomplish.

Have Fun in Richfield!

It’s time to stop worrying about house cleaning and go have fun in Richfield. Contact Tidy Touch for your professional cleaning needs. Our cleaning technicians can shampoo your carpets, scour your bathroom tile, scrub your basement floor and tackle other housekeeping chores, leaving you free to enjoy your new community.

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