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Is House Cleaning Worth It When Selling A House?

Is House Cleaning Worth It When Selling a House?

House Cleaning Makes Selling a Home Easier

If you’re reading this article, you may be thinking that our opinion on this subject is biased. “Of course a house cleaning service thinks I should clean my home before I sell it!” However, for this blog post, we did our research and learned from real estate experts before we started writing.

After learning about what real estate agents had to say on this, we felt that we could make a strong case for hiring a professional house cleaning service before selling your home.

The real estate experts we’ll be referencing in this article are The Duplex Doctors. The Duplex Doctors are duplex specialists in Minneapolis who have sold more duplexes in Minnesota than any other realtor for the past 4 years and counting. In a recent video, The Duplex Doctors shared some thoughts about hiring a house cleaner before selling a duplex. We used that video as our primary source for writing this article.

house cleaning worth it when selling a houseHow a Clean Home Leads to a Higher Perceived Value

According to Jason Reed, a duplex specialist in Minneapolis, cleaning your house to sell can actually be worth the investment. Why?

In many cases, buyers have a hard time looking past the way they perceive your home at their first glance. Unsurprisingly, a cluttered room seems to shrink in a buyer’s eyes. If they took the time to visualize a room that’s not covered in dirt, grime, and random clutter, they might realize that a house has more potential than they think.

In many cases, buyers have a hard time looking past the way they perceive your home at their first glance.

However, buyers aren’t always willing to be so creative. In many cases, they assume that what they see is what they’ll get.

In many cases, it can even be uncomfortable to walk through a house with a greasy kitchen and grimy bathroom. To buyers, this subconsciously translates into the idea that the house itself is disgusting rather than the way that the current owner or tenant lives.

While it’s a great idea to clean up a bit yourself and keep on top of the clutter, you might find that hiring a professional cleaning service to come in for a deep cleaning is well worth the investment.

Instead of simply cleaning at the surface level, a service like Tidy Touch Twin Cities will be able to come in and clean out your house from top to bottom before buyers walk through. Whether they consciously realize it or not, buyers will appreciate the effort taken to make the house spotless before they arrive. They’ll perceive your home to be worth a much higher value, and they’ll be ready to make an offer sooner.

Before you invest in renovations, interior decorating, or other services, consider if a house cleaning service could be right for your home.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a spotless model home that’s brand new. If you can give your potential buyers that same exact feeling, you’ll be well on your way to making a sale.

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