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Why Trustworthiness Matters To Us

Why Trustworthiness Matters To Us

As a house cleaning service, we expect a little bit of healthy skepticism from the potential customers that find us for the first time.


Because house cleaners have a bit of a reputation for inconsistency.

Sure, most house cleaning companies are capable of doing a great job. They can make your home look entirely spotless and they can get it done quickly too.

However, most people have heard about the bad experiences that start rolling in from some services over time. Certain cleaning services start to prioritize their newer clients and end up leaving their longtime clients with a sliding scale in terms of results.

Suddenly, ultra-clean turns into “sort-of” clean.

Here at Tidy Touch, it’s our goal to remain consistent so that each and every time we serve you, you’ll walk away knowing that hiring us was worth it.

Here’s why trustworthiness matters so much to us.

Our Clients Matter

We want to be trustworthy because we love the community we serve and live in. If we let a client down, we want to ensure that we make things right.

After all, failing one of our clients is like letting down one of our neighbors. Since we’re a local company, our clients are just that much more important to us.

Our Reputation is Important

These days, it’s easy to tell if a company falls short with their clients. Online reviews, search engine results, and social media all favor you as the customer – not the company. And that’s a good thing! Trustworthy, consistent results from reliable companies are rewarded while regularly disappointing customers is often punished.

That matters as a small business. To be completely transparent, we depend on the reviews and referrals we get online. Essentially, the online version of trustworthiness is determined by just a couple of key factors: backlinks and reviews.

Backlinks are links from other sites that point back to ours. We earn these links by working hard to prove ourselves as industry experts. When a reputable source confirms our trustworthiness, it goes a long way.

Reviews are just as important as backlinks, and we treasure them just as much. When any of our clients take the time to leave us a review to say that we met or exceeded their expectations, we’re overjoyed. Reviews like this also tell other potential customers that we’re reliable and consistent.


All of this is important to us, but we’re happy to serve our clients just for the sake of a job well done. If we didn’t get any benefits from exceeding client expectations, we’d still work to do it every single time.

To those who are already Tidy Touch clients, thank you for working with us. We hope that we’ve served you well!

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